Taking an Extended Break

Hi all, life has really been kicking my butt these past couple of weeks. With some new projects in the works, I haven’t really been able to keep up with the blog. So, I am sad to say I will be taking an extended break from the blog. I have loved writing down all our stories for you to read and reading all your comments.

Miniature Showcase

Here are more of my speed paint miniatures. I am able to move through my pile of unpainted miniatures much faster now. These two ballista are perfect for preparing an army, town or city for battle. They were also super easy to paint, taking no more than an hour total to paint both.

Review: Army Painter Speed Paints

I recently bought the Army Painter Speed Paints set. Miniature painting is a time consuming activity. I love it but sometimes it can take too long to paint even the most basic set piece. With a full time job and an active table running, I needed a faster way to paint miniatures that would give a decent result.

Miniature Showcase

For this Miniature Showcase, I chose to paint this Grick Alpha and baby with my Speed Paint set. They are fairly simple creatures and I wanted to see if I could replicate the color scheme on the packaging with the speed paints. They are, essentially, the same creature, one is just much bigger. I started out with the pre-primed unpainted Wizkids versions.

Miniature Showcase

These kobolds were painted with my brand new Quick Paints set. I bought it recently and wanted to see if the paints could cut down my painting time considerably. So I brought out a set and tried it out to see if it was as quick as the name suggests. I have been sick with the stomach flu for the past week and wasn’t able to post the results but I finally feel better so here it is.

Why we are Switching to Homebrew

Over the past three to fours years we have been playing D&D campaigns comprised almost entirely of module books. We had a small amount of homebrew for the time in between the different modules but it was still within Faerun. There were some issues we wanted to deal with that we often came across in the modules.

Miniature Showcase

Set pieces are my favorite type of miniature. They add so much detail to a scene. I painted this rickety cart for our new campaign that is going to take place in our very own homebrew world. The cart is supposed to be made of cheap wood so I tried to recreate that look.

Miniature Showcase

Adventurers spend a lot of time outdoors. Whether they are traveling or investigating an area, camp is always a must. I bought these wonderful sleeping rolls and mats at my local game shop. I’m pretty sure these are Wizkids minis that I got for $5. These are good for any situation were the party has to rough it while in the middle of nowhere.

Miniature Showcase

This was an amazing miniature that I was given a while ago by Dragon’s Forge @ForgeMiniatures on twitter. I was given the option to chose one miniature to showcase with my painting. They didn’t pay me to write this, it is my own opinion. I wasn’t able to get to it for the longest time but I finally got the change to begin working on it. This is the base that belongs to this mini.

Home Sweet Cave

Muscles bunched and stretched as everyone helped push the cart through the snow. They were traveling along the road that ran nearest to where Brenna’s home was. All of them were straining to keep the cart going, except one. Zephyr was doing his best to look like he was helping while walking behind with Mythe at his side. Red flushed his cheeks with the strain of pushing the back of the cart all by himself.