The Blessing of Aqua

The Hand of Destiny headed out after that unfortunate meeting with Percival Tindoll over the exclusive use of their ale over that of Kaladrax’s family. Their departure was not a happy one but once the group was in the air, in the form of vapors, all such earthly thoughts disappeared. The flight was like no other. They had to focus on keeping themselves together and fight against the air currents that might break them apart. They reached Deep Harbor and headed towards the lighthouse island off the coast. The party landed inside the enormous cave on the floating rafts and focused on turning back into their corporeal forms.

Research and Revelation

The party woke up the next day with a mission in mind. They needed to get the ingredients for the panacea or the entire city of King’s Crest would die. The members of the Hand of Destiny gathered that morning to have breakfast and plan their next move. They knew where they could get the components but all of them were hard to get to right now. Urstil had spoken to Kaladrax after the Council meeting yesterday and had handed him a book she thought might be able to help.


In the weeks that followed the city slowly succumbed to the Curse of Ash, as it had come to be called. By the next month the city was desolate. Few ever went out and when they did it was in furtive, shaky movements. The Prancing Dragon, the guild’s side business, had lost more and more clientele until only a few scattered regulars remained. One night the ladies made their way down to get the bar ready only to find that there were two regulars and Hepolita who would be drinking that night.

The Curse of Ash

The Hand of Destiny was left standing in the ruins of their new home. Kaladrax was seeing his hometown burn and that was not all. The meteors that had crashed into the city had left behind beings made completely of molten burning ash. Everywhere they stepped and touched was turned into ash and crumbled to nothing. The group was left to fight them on their own as the Chosen Blade was gone, hunting the Queen of Ash through the gate.

The Grand Guild Games

The final day of the festival arrived and the party woke up with anticipatory grins on their faces. They made their way out of their rooms at the Wandering Spirit. On her way out Aleera noticed that another blue flower had appeared on her door. She was starting to form her suspicions about who it could be. They all gathered in the community area for their connected rooms. They spent some time eating breakfast and psyching themselves up for the coming competition.

Visions of Fire and Ruin

After spending a night roughing it right outside the walls of Fort Arlo, the party was reticent to leave. They made sure the outside people had plenty of food and water and managed to convince the fort leader to let them in now that they didn’t need immediate medical aid or food. Before they left they asked if there was any message they could take to King’s Crest for them.

Blood Soaked Gems

The next day the party left Ara in the company of the Anabelle Lee Mark 2’s crew. Captain Coppertree was not there but the First Mate was a trusted man and they knew Ara would be safer there than with them. The crew adored the little bird girl and would go out of their way to keep her happy. The party headed off towards the other side of the city walls to start on their investigation.

Shopping Adventures with Gigi

While in the Merchant District the group found the offices of Clayville Shipping. This was the company that they needed to speak to to broker an initial peace deal with the eel folk. They entered to find a bustling operation. People were moving everywhere. Some were hauling goods while others tended to paperwork and clients. They moved through the crowded workplace inquiring about Feng Clayville. Finally, one of the employees directed them to an office overlooking the work space. The party moved up the wooden stairs on the left side of the building and entered the open office.

Family Reunions

The white dragonborn lady was Kaladrax’s mother. She awaited him with wide open arms and a beaming smile on her face. The party was introduced to Glaurunda after they had finished hugging. She was regal but had a gentle way about her. She spoke to the servants with respect and they noticed as they walked into the dining hall that many were seated at the long, sturdy table in the center.