Temptation and Preparation

The Hand of Destiny was about to leave Avernus when something shimmered in the corner of Aleera’s eye. The lake that ran through the cavern that had once been Tiamat’s prison was calling to her. She could see her weakness in the water. Gold. Thousands upon thousands of gold coins called to her from beneath the surface of the water. She began going into the pooling water slipping out of her friend’s hands. 

Self Immersion

It isn’t solely the job of the DM to create an immersive world for their players. They do a lot. Set the scene, provide handouts, and ensure that their words as descriptive enough to paint a picture in our minds. However, we as players can also do a lot to help us get closer to our characters and the story.

Miniature Showcase

Setting a good scene can bring a lovely ambiance to your story. I bought these set pieces at a game shop in my town. I use them when I take my photos for the story portion of this blog. We also use them for important scenes at our table.

Freeing Tiamat

The majority of the Hand of Destiny was walking away from the awful city of demons they had left behind when Milo dropped out of thin air right in front of them. He landed on the hot sand with a soft thud. Sand billowed out from where he landed in a small cloud and a grunt was forced from Milo. After a few moments of catching his breath he faced the rest of his group and smiled. 

Miniature Showcase

This was my first time painting Warhammer miniatures for a new client. The color scheme for this set was a camo look with bronze and fluorescent green accents. I had to put together the pieces and then glue them together. I know many prefer to paint the pieces individually, but I think it’s better to paint the completely glued miniature first.

Holiday Slumps

D&D games always take a hit during the holidays. Unless you have a super dedicated table, there are times when you can’t meet during the holidays. People have lives and families they want to be with during those holidays. It isn’t a bad thing to do or want but it does cramp the D&D lifestyle. I try to look at it as a good thing.

Miniature Showcase:

This Lady Lich was a challenge for me. It was painted for a friend. He loves horror and wanted a signature piece for his own table. After priming it I started painting the dress and hair. I gave her a rich, dark brown hair paired with a deep red dress. She was beautiful when she was alive.

Reunion and Escape

Milo was stuck in an endless wasteland of reflection. Mirrors were everywhere and part of the landscape. He walked for endless miles and always saw the same reflection of himself everywhere he went. He thought he would have to keep walking forever in this endless mirror world when he came across the first break in the endless realm he had seen. There was a cluster of ruins up ahead so he headed to the first sign of something different. 

Treating NPC’s Like Real People

I know D&D is a game and most of it is so completely unlike our world that we have our imaginations bridge the gap for us. However, treating it like a real world goes a long way to making the experience better for you. One way that I recommend is treating the NPC’s like real people. Most tend to treat them like video game NPC’s or don’t interact with them at all.

Miniature Showcase

I was asked to paint this terrifying thing for a friend of mine. Apparently it is a corrupted solar that was taken over by a bug like parasite. The end result is a powerful solar controlled by a hive mind. After priming the miniature, I painted the entire body in a skin tone. I started adding black to the extremities and bug areas.