Trip to Avernus

With no clue as to where Milo could be and no way to get him back, the remaining members of the Hand of Destiny were at a loss for what to do. They went back to the tavern to confer with Gralmor and Zenriel. Zenriel could do nothing to help them get their friend back but she was ready to go into Avernus to free her mistress, the lady Tiamat, Goddess of Chaos and Mother of all Chromatic Dragons. 

Why Having A “Golden Gods” Moment is Important

Part of the reality that we weave around ourselves when we play D&D is accepting the consequences of bad decisions or mistakes. The “Golden Gods” moment is a moment in the playing of a session where a person forgets the limitations imposed on the world by the rules. The act according to instinct or make a rash decision because it’s just make believe.

Miniature Showcase

This was one of my very first miniatures. The hellhounds actually come in a clear resin. In my inexperience, I sprayed it with a grey primer. This is how I painted it after that mess up. I started off by painting the entire body black. Then I painted the spine tail in the Skeleton Bone color from the Nolzur’s Paint Set.

Attack on Blackstaff Tower

The monstrosity that rounded the corner as The Hand of Destiny arrived at Blackstaff Tower was a flesh golem. It was unlike any flesh golem they had seen prior and at least a few of the members of The Hand of Destiny recognized the symbol of Helm that covered a part of the sewed together flesh. It was a god-flesh golem and it was intent on reaching them. The party ran across the vibrant green lawn. 

The Pros and Cons of Long Term Campaigns

I love being a part of long terms campaigns. Our last campaign was a three year epic, surrounding our characters. Our player characters were people who’s strings of fate had been cut by the gods and allowed to make decisions completely free of their interference. We had to tackle personal quests, interfered in a nefarious plans, and faced off against gods but we also faced the issues of player burnout, character boredom, and a craving for new adventures.

Miniature Showcase

Athena was a wood elf from Hepolita’s tribe. She admired Hepolita for her temerity and courage in leaving the village to pursue her own dreams. As with Hepolita, she picked her own name out of the books that she was known to have read. She liked the name Athena for its representation of strength. If I remember correctly, this was a specific Pathfinder miniature but I painted her for our D&D campaign.

Milo’s Reconnaissance Mission

The Hand of Destiny woke up the next morning, each person introspective, thinking of yesterday’s events. The others had not known this but Milo had also begun to doubt the good intentions of the Blackstaff. Laeral was the most powerful person in the city, She would be a huge asset in any fight, especially the one that the party had warned her was coming. She should be recruiting all the best fighters not imprisoning them. 

5 Reason I Love D&D

I love playing D&D, it has become a huge, central part of my life. I have made good friends with D&D, laughed, loved and lost. We have been through so much together that we are like family now. So I wanted to share the reasons why I love the game so much.

Miniature Showcase

An Aarakocra Ranger, Condor Sharpbeak, this miniature was a pc for one of my friends. He wanted a colorful bird with dual tone feathering. This was pretty different from my usual black or white feather painting for bird creatures. I loved the challenge!

Coming Back

Aleera was carried by the remaining members of the Hand of Destiny through the city streets towards the simple bench to Bahamut. Kariss had managed to cast Gentle Repose on the body which had started to turn to ash almost immediately. They arrived at the simple bench and laid Aleera’s body down on the soft, worn wood. For a moment, silence reigned as they tried to figure out what to do. Kariss did not have a resurrection spell prepared to save her life. She thought she might be able to attune to Aleera’s lute and cast one that way but that would take time.