Epilogue: The Hand of Destiny

As The Hand of Destiny arrived on the prime material plane through the Fey Gate, cheering began. It rose until nothing could be heard over it. The citizens of King’s Crest had gathered at the gate to see if a winner would emerge. A contingent of soldiers surrounded the gate with citizens behind them. The ship lurched and tipped as the damage from the fight became visible past the gate. 

NPC Spotlight

Now that the story of BaRuhk and Sukra is over I wanted to showcase some of my favorite NPC’s from the first campaign. We had a lot of cool people meet us throughout the course of our adventures but some just stood out from the rest. These people were all creations of my husband and DM. For this spotlight we will be focusing on Sheila Coppertree.

Miniature Showcase

This miniature was part of a two piece commission. The client was very specific with the look he wanted and I painted it as close as possible to the original reference. These are shots of the miniature before and after priming. I had to do multiple passes with the new white primer I got to reach some of the harder to reach areas. I do plan on adding some black to the primer at some point to make it more gray and opaque for application.

Dust to Dust

The Hand of Destiny was embroiled in a long battle among the wreckage of the Feywild. Pieces of land floated in a red void. At the center, a large, burnt black volcano spewed red lava in every direction. Pieces that were hit with the lava were instantly burnt away to ashes. Their large airship was maneuvering between a cluster of floating lands attacking targets on the grounds below. Several battalions fought on the different floating pieces. There were enemies everywhere. 

Nightmare of the Lost: Epilogue

Sukra picked up the remains of her daughter from the previous room after the battle with Vestra. The evil was vanquished but she only felt hollow in her heart. Missy and Ramiel helped her bring BaRuhk’s body with them back down the mountain. They carried the dead with them all the way back to Crystal Falls.

Miniature Showcase

Zephyr Raventhorn is the Lore Bard in our current campaign. He is the descendant of two very old bloodlines. His mother was an elven princess and his father was the heir to the crown of Neverwinter. Neither knew the other’s royal status until his father was taken back to Neverwinter leaving behind a pregnant elven wife.

Shifting Lands

A fiery red landscape met the group of warriors headed into battle. The Feywild was nothing like previously known. Instead of lush greenery or exotic flora and fauna, there was an enormous black volcano spewing glowing lava from its core. Instead of a whole land there were chunks of terrain floating around a red void. It looked like the small chunks of land were trying to get away from the showering lava. 

Nightmare of the Lost: Part 10

It took a moment for their eyes to adjust to the slashing wind that whipped at the frostbitten peaks they were on. When the wind died down a bit they saw their final opponents lined up on either side of them along the walls of the highest battlements in the spire. At the end of their undead procession was Vestra Loveless sitting astride a massive undead white dragon. Flesh hung off of it in chunks and they could see inside to the fleshy bits inside the body. Vestra smiled at them from atop the dragon and exclaimed into the air,

Miniature Showcase

Our latest campaign began a few months ago and we all spent some time getting the right miniature for our characters. These are the completed miniatures. We are currently in Icewind Dale, trying to find a way to stop the madness that is going on. As an extra, I added fluorescent paint accents to make us all uniquely visible. From left to right we have: Zephyr Raventhorn, Lullaby the Kenku, Dvalin Thornshield, Mythe the Changeling, and Brenna Wolfheart.


The next day dawned, and although the Hand of Destiny was happy at the resurrection of Fafnir, they dreaded what they had to do next. Up until now they had pretty much ignored the Queen of Ash. They knew she was in the Feywild. They knew she was amassing power like no other. She was killing minor gods and using them to experiment. Something was in the works. If they didn’t stop her soon, she would manage to complete what she wanted and they would have no chance at success.