Crashing the Party

When Aleera made it back to the Spectre’s Respite, their home base, she immediately informed the party of the situation and they headed to the government offices to see what they could do. The Magistrate took a quick look at the papers Aleera had brought with her as proof. They included the flyer for the party and the contract signed in the blood of both heads of the family. After a moment’s study, the Magistrate looked down his glasses at them and asked what they wanted him to do. There was magic in the paper of the contract but that could be anything and magic usually was used to preserve important sheets. 

Rules vs. Guidelines

If you are reading this then, like many others, you love tabletop games. There are those that love the structure of those games, cleaving to the rules like a lifeline. There are also the rule of cool people that think a game should be flexible when it fits the situation. They are both valid ways of viewing ttrpg’s. I want to argue however, that we should view the “rules” of ttrpg’s as more like guidelines.

Miniature Showcase

This was an especially wonderful miniature to work with. I love ancient Greek mythology and the story of Medusa was always one of my favorites. This miniature shows her among some rubble with the ruins of Grecian pillars around her. Instead of being shows as a cowing monster of the shadows, she appears as a resplendent warrior.

A Devilish Contract

The Hand of Destiny was drinking at the bar when Aleera decided to go and apologize to Floon and Renard in regards to a previous altercation between them and Hepolita. She pushed a bag containing a thousand dragons and promised the pair a week of free drinks at the bar to show her contrition. They accepted, happy to have gold to spend and booze to drink. In reality, they had very little memory of what had happened that night and were happy to put it behind them.

Miniature Showcase

This Miniature Showcase is all about Tiamat. One of the greatest villains of D&D, Tiamat can strike fear into her opponents in her dragon for as well as her human one. This miniature depicts Tiamat in her human form with the heads of the five dragons of a different color emerging from under her dress.

Shattered Expectations

The Hand of Destiny awoke the next morning still within the airy confines of Aleera’s “Mansion”. It was a lovely outdoor encampment centered in a clearing surrounded by dense, inviting forest. They were all eager to step back into the vault and clear the remaining money. The view they were met with upon exiting the magical residence was not what they had been expecting. All across the immaculate stone floor was not a single piece of the gold they had left for later collection. Someone had snuck in somehow and removed the copious amounts of gold during the night. 

When Life Gets in the Way

For the last year and a half Covid has raged and I have spent a lot of time at home. This was great in a lot of ways. I finally got to live the gap year I wish I had had enough money for back when I graduated high school. With work not being an option and seemingly endless time in front of me, I decided to focus on things that were important to me. I started focusing more on my painting, reading and I started my blog.

The Great Celestial Vault

Darkness swathed The Hand of Destiny in its embrace. Kaladrax, being as good as blind in the dark, cast his Light cantrip to see ahead. They were in a tunnel of carved rock with a matching stone staircase leading down. There was no definite end in sight until, finally, they came upon an opening. Aleera noticed that though the walls were made of stone, the entire dungeon was completely clean. She wondered if the whole vault was as immaculate. 

My Beardy Face

After making sure Gralmor and Zenriel were safe, the party made their way over to the City of the Dead. They were searching for answers and clues as to how to open the door to the Great Vault they were looking for. They walked around searching for the statue they needed first. Then they could focus on learning what they needed to to open it. There were many statues in the City of the Dead. The rich families that buried their dead here often bought statues in commemoration. 

Creating Unique Stories

With so many books, genres, and authors that have lived and are living in the world today we can only wonder if everything that can be written about has been. Tales of love, betrayal, growth, coming of age, wars have been written since we learned to put words to parchment. It could be said that everything that can be written about has been. This makes it especially difficult to create unique, engaging stories for players to become involved in and follow.