Mystery Afoot

While the Hand of Destiny waited for news of Mirt’s movements from Milo’s raven familiar, they walked towards the Blackstaff Tower to see if they needed anything. When they arrived, a diminutive older gnome showed them to the Blackstaff’s office and asked them to wait. They didn’t wait for long as Vajra came walking through the doors within minutes to give them their next assignment. 

Meeting Mirt the Money Lender

Kaladrax woke up with a big grin after spending the night with Aleera but that joy soon faded when they left the safety of the magical mansion. Exiting through the hidden door in one of the closets, they came out to greet the day. It wasn’t until a short cry of anguish rang out that they ran into Kariss’s room and found her, frantic. She was lying in the white sheets of her bed, only now, they were tainted with bright splashes of blood. She flew out of the bed and cleaned herself up.

Follies of Flight

I’ve seen a few posts about why flight is such a contentious point between DM’s and Players. There are a few reasons ranging from visual spatial representation to game mechanics of flight. Some DM’s or GM’s will avoid flight all together as a means to make the game easier on everyone. Let’s face it, flight adds a third dimension to all aspects of the game. That would be more work added to the already full workload the DM takes on.

Public Reprimand

The Hand of Destiny was kept under house arrest for the rest of the day until an investigator could come by to interrogate them. This would be the third time they were investigated since coming to the city. The tavern was closed down for the day and even the regulars went on to other taverns or homes. At least, for once, they were completely free of anything to do. They couldn’t leave or even go downstairs. 

Death Curse

Yora Baleard held Milo in the unbreakable grasp of her shadowy chains. Her laughter began low and disbelieving only to evolve into a full on cackle at her good luck. She had managed to snag Milo without any one being the wiser and now she could enjoy his agony. Milo thought it was all over. She had him and, after what he had done to her and her guild, she would never let him survive it. That was why he was confused when she didn’t attack, instead she motioned towards the shadows of an alley nearby. 

Putting Food on the Table

It’s called having a table for a reason. Technology and Covid have made it more common for people to meet online from all over the world to play Dungeons and Dragons, but at its core, it is a group based, in-person activity. Friends come together at a table and play a game that can take you anywhere. What better way to bring those friends closer together than to provide a great meal.

Yora Baleard

Milo woke up the next morning after a good job was done and went downstairs for a delicious meal to start the day. The others were stirring and getting up themselves. They all made it downstairs to eat some good grub before the day began for them. It was at that moment, when the food had been brought and Milo was about to dig in, that a halfling woman walked in. She sat down at the table by the window and ordered some food for herself. 

Intrepid Investigation

The Hand of Destiny went back to the Spectre’s Respite to catch their breath after getting so much information. They would research the vaults on their down time but right now, they needed to solve the mystery of the dead gnome that had been found in front of their bar. They were still people of interest in the cases and were eager to clear their names. This would allow them to have more freedom as they moved around the city searching for vaults. 

The Hidden Rolls of D&D

I have been paying Dungeons and Dragons for three years now and have noticed that, while there are the overt rolls for battle and roleplaying, there are also some hidden rolls that we, as players or sometimes as DM’s, never see. They can range from determine emotional range to saving a players from a senseless imminent death. We all do it, players and DM’s alike. I’m not saying we hide these rolls but more that they are separate from the main event and so, not often recognized.

Laeral Silverhand

The next day, the party had some breakfast in the Spectre’s Respite before leaving to speak with the other power in the city, the Lady Laeral Silverhand. They had heard from the Blackstaff that she was stubborn and unwilling to work with her even though she had been chosen by the staff itself to run the tower and watch over the city. The Hand of Destiny wanted to meet her and get the other side of the story. They knew there were always two sides to the story.