The Hidden Rolls of D&D

I have been paying Dungeons and Dragons for three years now and have noticed that, while there are the overt rolls for battle and roleplaying, there are also some hidden rolls that we, as players or sometimes as DM’s, never see. They can range from determine emotional range to saving a players from a senseless imminent death. We all do it, players and DM’s alike. I’m not saying we hide these rolls but more that they are separate from the main event and so, not often recognized.

Laeral Silverhand

The next day, the party had some breakfast in the Spectre’s Respite before leaving to speak with the other power in the city, the Lady Laeral Silverhand. They had heard from the Blackstaff that she was stubborn and unwilling to work with her even though she had been chosen by the staff itself to run the tower and watch over the city. The Hand of Destiny wanted to meet her and get the other side of the story. They knew there were always two sides to the story. 

New Friends and Old Friends

Once Milo had his feet planted firmly under him on the ground the Hand of Destiny was able to make their way back to the Blackstaff Tower to report that Zeleforn was well again and would be back after a few days of rest. They arrived and were again shown into the meeting room for their debriefing. They waited for a few moments in the elegant opulence of the sitting room waiting for their new boss. 

The Essence of a Miniature

The miniature may seem like a simple place marker for games. Whether it is the Monopoly Boot or a Lego style miniature they all mean different things to different players. It is no different for Dungeons and Dragons and other tabletop games. The miniature can just be a place marker or it can be the player’s alter ego. It all depends on perspective.

Zeleforn’s Dilema

The party spent their first night in the newly renovated bar. They had slept there during the renovations because it was free but now there were real comforts available to them. They slept comfortably if not well. The next morning the group got ready to go out and check on the dragon friend of the Blackstaff. They ate a light breakfast down at the bar and, after making sure everything was ready for the day’s business, they made their way across the city to the Sea Ward. 

Meeting the Blackstaff

The investigation was wrapping up when they got the message about seeing this Vajra Safir at something called the Blackstaff Tower. The main inspector, Bartimus Blastwind, was leaving the area when the party realized they had no clue where this tower was located in the city. They ran to catch up with the departing guard and asked for directions. Bastimus smirked at the very idea that they would be called to the tower and ignored them, but the guard commander with him took pity on the party and told them where to go. 

The Spectre’s Respite

It took a fortune to restore the bar to a respectable place of business. Aleera had to go down to the permits office to gather the necessary ones for rebuilding, remodeling, painting, furnishing and staffing the locale. Since the poltergeist was not alive, they were not breaking any rules of employment and having him as head bartender. Not only did Aleera have to pay the permit office for their services but she also had to pay for all the construction and staffing as well. 

Alternative Payment

Floon was overcome with relief. He sang the praises of Milo for saving him. Even though the party had worked together to find him, Milo’s was the first face he had seen and was only interested in the one who had physically cut his bonds. The rest of the group was a little annoyed but they were getting used to the fickle nature of some of the Waternavians they had met. They headed straight for the Yawning Portal to let Volo and Renard know that their friend was safe. 

Ways to Play D&D

The reason I love Dungeons and Dragons so much is because, although there are rules, the main goal of the game is to imagine an adventure with friends. There is no prize, no real end goal. The way the party “wins” the game is by playing the game. I love it because it is the most versatile tabletop game, in my opinion. Where other games like Warhammer and shorter games like Arkham Horror have specific characters, sides, and goals, the vague nature of D&D helps people focus on just having a good time with a good story.

A Complete Lack of Intellect

Morning dawned on the Hand of Destiny as they lay in their suite at the Yawning Portal. Aleera woke up to find a blonde woman in the bed where Renard was supposed to be sleeping. Renard himself was gone and there was no sign of the hat of disguise that Milo had lent him. While they all collectively berated themselves for letting him out of their sight Milo tried to sense his hat with a special ability his dagger carried. It allowed him to detect objects and money of great value.