A Strange Proposal

The group was enjoying some ale after fighting the trolls that had come up from the Underdark to rampage when a well dressed man approached them. He introduced himself as Volothamp Geddarm. He was a famous adventurer in Waterdeep, making his fortune off the monsters he took on. Now he was retired and his book on strange creatures was his form of making a living. It still sold well even after all these years. 

The Yawning Portal

The Hand of Destiny was eating at their table within the bustling tavern, enjoying the music flowing over the crowd. There were people everywhere drinking, singing, speaking in crowds. Some unsavory characters lurked in the shadows of the bar waiting for willing victims to stumble across them. Durnan, the bartender, was handing out mugs of ale and cups of wine with the dexterity of a well trained expert. 

Entering the City of Waterdeep

The entire trip from Novos, across the ocean to the outskirts of Waterdeep, took about two weeks at full speed. The ship was meant to cross the water at faster speeds than most. Since they smuggled goods back and forth quite often, it benefited Captain Coppertree to move faster on the open seas. They made it to land shortly after sending the stowaway Doppelganger safely away from them. 

Digital vs. Paper

There are two types of gameplay for Dungeons and Dragons, really all tabletop games. You can go old fashioned pen and paper, calculating everything in your head or with the trusty calculator at your side. The other option is to do everything on a tablet, computer or even a phone. There are ups and downs to both of those options.

Travel on the Open Seas

It was the third of Tarsakh when the party set out. They were out on the open ocean. The only thing visible from the deck of the Annabelle Lee Mark 2 was the great peak of Drakenforge in the distance. For Kaladrax, this meant leaving his home and family behind. After having to dock for months while the Curse of Ash raged through the mainland, the crew was exhilarated to be out on the seas once more.

The Grief of Losing a PC

I just finished playing my first full level one to 20 campaign. For three years my player character, Aleera the dancing Bard, was the focus of our fantasy adventures. She was a second persona in an imaginary world but she was real for three years. While she isn’t dead, she is way beyond the range for a playable character. I will never really play her again, except maybe in a battle royale one shot.

The Treaty of Novos

The council of Novos met once more for the continued negotiations and talks concerning the treaty. After much debate over some important and some more petty issues the treaty was finally accepted. The leaders of all the represented peoples signed the paperwork and left the council chambers in generally good spirits. 

Finding Balance

I love immersing myself in stories, whether it’s a good book or playing Dungeons and Dragons. Sharing a living space with my husband that also happens to be the Dungeon Master might seem hard. It might seem that I’m privy to more information but the truth is we both make sure we don’t share too much.

The Festival of Rebirth

The two week separation of the party had come to a close. Aleera, Kaladrax, and Milo were all at the guild hall. The adjoining tavern had become a hub of entertainment in the city after all the improvements and repairs. The tavern was now the exclusive vendor for the Kaladrax family wine, the proceeds ofContinue reading “The Festival of Rebirth”