Miniature Showcase

Knight of Mirrors

This Knight belonged to the Queen of Mirrors. She was a vain woman with a need to be loved by everyone. Her downfall was that she never showed her true self, always hid behind illusions. Her Knight was corrupted as was the Knight of Ash. He was her first guard and companion.

This was the miniature we bought for The Knight of Mirrors. It was one of ours first times buying a miniature from an Etsy vendor. It was not a good experience. The miniature was delivered with a hole in the leg that completely destroyed the look and realism of the figure. I had to think fast to patch it up. I used spackling to fill in the hole and make it flush with the rest of the miniature. After that I primed the miniature and luckily the hole was nowhere to be seen. You wouldn’t even know it needed to be patched up.

After priming I started painting the wings. The membranes were painted black to match the Queen of Mirrors. As you can see, you can’t even see the hole. I decides on the colors: purple, black, and silver for the miniature. The bony parts of the wings were painted in a dark purple color. I wanted to give each Queen and her Knights distinct colors. Purple looks very regal but also deadly. There were also various pointed protrusions that I painted black as well.

I painted the Knight’s robes in a lighter purple than the wings. I didn’t want everything to be one or two colors so I gave it a little variety. The armor was painted with a dark black iron metallic paint. I also used it on the chains on the back of the miniature. I loved how dark the metal looked. It blended nicely while adding a pop to the miniature with some shine.

The sword is painted completely silver. In the game it is actually the shard of a mirror shaped into a sword, but at the time I was not skilled enough to make that happen. All the horns were painted in the same metallic black as the armor. As an added effect I dry brushed some dark purple over the tops of the horns to give them a slightly changing hue. To give the wings a bit more realism, I took some light gray and dry brushed it over them. This gave them a toned, weathered effect. And that hole at the beginning? No where! What hole?

The final touch to the miniature was the base. I wanted it to look like dirt and it was one of my first experiments with basing. I had bought a few different kinds and some worked out better than others. This one is kinda meh to me now. The flecks didn’t stick to the base well despite the basing glue and so some areas are exposed. i’m still proud of it though. You couldn’t even tell that it was damaged prior to the paint job.

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Published by dndwife

My husband and I run a dungeons and dragons table together and I write about our crazy adventures both in and out of the story. My husband DM's and I am the table artist. I paint minis for everyone at the table and provide crafted gifts like dice boxes, bags, and artwork.

3 thoughts on “Miniature Showcase

  1. I am enjoying reading about your process for painting the miniatures! In this post the idea of the Queen of Mirrors (and the Queen of Ash?) is really intriguing. Have you written about her before?

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    1. I have, they are both a huge part of our campaign story for c1. We meet the Queen of Mirrors towards the end of our adventures in Waterdeep and the Queen of Ash is first seen at the Grand Guild Games and is also the BBEG of the whole campaign.


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