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Drip Drop

Drip Drop was one of the most lovable people. He was my husband’s character in the oneshot at the Fey Faire that I ran. He was alchemist gnome with a penchant for experimenting on himself. He loved trying out new potions to see what new effects he could manage.

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In his early years, he was kicked out of his village after it was found that he was slipping his potions into the well water. It would result in various side effects on the people that used and drank the water. Ever since that time he experimented on himself and always sought to find those that would allow him to experiment on them for a bit of coin. He loved gathering odd ingredients to try out. He was not immune to the side effects of his potions and it caused random changes on his body. His head for example held hair on one half and, on the other, tufts of grass grew in clumps. His skin was covered in different patches of fur, scales, and carapace.

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He found out soon enough that experimenting on himself was not a good thing so he began to hire mercenaries. However, they soon left him upon realizing that he was trying to dose them in their sleep. It was soon after losing his latest companions that he stumbled upon the Faire and wandered in hoping to find more adventurous people to try his potions out on. At the entrance he met a group of adventurers that were also there for the Faire. He joined them on their explorations of the Faire. Several times, he attempted to persuade them to take his potions. Only one of the other players decided to take him up on the offer.

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A major nail biting moment came about when he was haphazardly thrown over one of the other player character’s shoulder and nearly died. Drip Drop wore a long trench coat that hid dozens of small vials containing his various potions. When he was slung over that player’s shoulder there was a big chance that at least some of those vials would break and cause enormous harm. Beyond that, he participated in the eating of a magical pig that was not intended for that purpose but ended up being fried and salted to their taste. He was a side splitting bit of humor in the already kooky setting we were in.

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My husband has promised to bring Drip Drop back for an encore at some point but for now he lives on as the crazy gnome that nearly exploded. I am surprised that he didn’t explode but at the last moment he managed to roll high enough to avoid a sticky end. I can’t wait to see what crazy thing he does next. He might not be so lucky next time.

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